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Individual Body & Soul programs can be purchased for US $29.95 (price includes shipping and handling) by calling (617) 924-7711. When ordering an individual program by telephone be prepared to specify the program title and number.

Program No. Title
201 Total Well Being: Starting the Search
202 Optimal Aging: Slowing Down the Clock
203 Lessons from the Heart
204 Partners in Healing: Mind, Body, and Prayer
205 Ancient Healing
206 Peak Performance: Sports and the Mind
207 Overcoming Anger: Healing from Within
208 Mindful Eating
209 Waking Up the Brain: Amazing Adjustments
210 Ode to Joy: Why Your Attitude Matters
211 Healing Places
212 Lenny's Story: Cancer and the Quality of Life
213 Lenny's Story Part II: Cancer and the Search for Healing
214 Health & Hunches: Unlocking Your Intuition
215 Creating Wellness: Taking Time, Making Time
216 Making Work Meaningful
217 Raising Happy, Healthy Kids
218 Staying Healthy in a Stressful World
219 Aging Well: Memory and Movement
220 East-West Medicine

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