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Alternative Medicine Digest: This Web site features articles on many aspects of alternative care, from natural remedies to the politics of medicine.

Ask Dr. Weil: Andrew Weil M.D.'s Web site includes the popular "Ask Dr. Weil" daily Q & A column, newsgroups, excerpts from his book Natural Health, Natural Medicine, and links to other resources. The site also features a referral directory of herbalists and other practitioners of alternative medicine.

Body Atlas: Body Atlas offers medical, health, and wellness information from conventional and alternative medicine experts.

CyberDiet: If you've got questions about nutrition, this site can help you answer them. Find out your daily calorie and nutrient requirements, then plan your menu, shopping lists, and recipes accordingly.

FeMiNa: Health and Wellness is one of the largest resources on the Internet for women's issues. The "Ask a Woman Doctor" link connects you to women physicians who can answer your health questions online, and other links provide contact information for women's health clinics, midwives, massage therapists, and other women's healthcare providers throughout North America.

GriefNet: For anyone who has lost a loved one, this site serves as both a resource and a source of comfort.

HealthGate: A prime online source for health, wellness, and biomedical information, HealthGate contains extensive material on both alternative and conventional medicine. For registered users (registration is free), the "Patient Education" page connects you to guides to illnesses, medical tests, surgeries, and prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Health World Online: Combining elements of allopathic and alternative medicine, this site offers information on wellness, self-care, fitness, nutrition, and a wide array of health conditions. An online professional referral network is also provided.


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