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Image is everything. The rail thin models that frequent the covers and pages of fashion magazines say it all. Thin is in. Thin is it. So much so that the American diet industry accounts for $40 billion of spending annually by those of us wanting to be thinner, stay thin, or at least control our weight. But suppose, as some weight control experts contend, that diets never work; and the real answer to overcoming compulsive or overeating lies in creating a new relationship with food.

In this edition of Body & Soul we take a look at the presence of food in our lives, how we use it, and even abuse it.

First we’ll meet up with Angela Simms who tells her own story of how she slipped into the ravaging cycle of bulimia even as she was learning about it as a college psychology major. Now a nurse in Florida, she talks about how she manages her new eating habits.

Then Gail Harris talks with Geneen Roth--teacher, anti-dieting pioneer, and author of five books that examine compulsive eating and the sources of true nourishment.

Finally, Body & Soul visits with Ronna Kabatznick at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California. Kabatznick, a former consultant to Weight Watchers who founded an organization called Dieters Feed the Hungry, shares her ideas on modern weight problems and the Zen of Eating.

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Body & Soul is currently airing Monday-Friday at 7:00pm and 8:30pm on PBS YOU.

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