The Buffalo War

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Check out the Viewer's Guide created by the ITVS Community Connections Project. An overview on the issues, discussion points and questions for tribal communities are just some of the features.

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For Teachers

Four lesson plans using THE BUFFALO WAR video and Web site have been created in conjunction with PBS TeacherSource. Subjects: Civics, American History, Government and Environmental Studies, for students, grades 8-12.

Lesson 1: Buffalo Biodiversity: Is it Important?
9th or 10th grade biology
This lesson looks at biodiversity that occurs both between and within species, by examining characteristics of the students themselves, of a population of peanuts, and of buffalo. It concludes with an assessment of the value of such variation.

Lesson 2: Brucellosis in Bison: How Serious is the Threat?
9th or 10th grade biology
This lesson involves research into both sides of the brucellosis problem and ends with students presenting their position through letters written to Montana's Department of Livestock.

Lesson 3: THE BUFFALO WAR: A Clash of Cultures
Grade Level: 8-12
Using the documentary THE BUFFALO WAR, students will discover how cultures living together often come into conflict because they may place different values and meaning on items they share such as nature and resources. The students will further explore ways that conflict may be reduced by identifying the difference and similarities and seeking a way to build on the latter.

Lesson 4: A Bison Web
Grade Level: 9-12
Students will construct a web site (alternatively this lesson can be done using a non-electronic version explained below) based on the documentary "Buffalo War." The design of the site and the kinds of graphics and or animation is left entirely up to the student or students so that lesson is open to students with varying computer skills. The content of the site, however, should follow strict guidelines and may be graded with an easy-to-follow rubric.

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