The Buffalo War
In Their Shoes

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In Their Shoes

Each year, three million people visit Yellowstone National Park. Many cite views of free-roaming buffalo as their greatest wildlife thrill - a rare opportunity to see an American West that has been largely lost - Tony Jewett, National Parks Conservation Association Yellowstone National Park sign

The free-roaming bison of Yellowstone are enjoyed by visitors, celebrated by conservationists and revered by Native Americans.

As the buffalo roam freely in and around the park, an ongoing battle waged against a threatening disease puts Montana's officials face-to-face with the majestic beast. Each winter, the Department of Livestock trap and kill hundreds of bison as they leave the park in search of food.

In the wake of the slaughter, economic, emotional and spiritual threats haunt each of the parties involved in the buffalo war. Native Americans, ranchers and activists all have something at stake.

Pull on a pair of cowboy boots, slip into some moccasins, or lace up those hiking boots below and see what it's like to take a walk in their shoes.

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