Looking Back on a Decade of Call the Midwife

Posted by Katie Moriarty on November 21, 2021
This post discusses Season 10 Episode 8.
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Helen George as Trixie Franklin gets a touch up during the filming of a scene from season 9, episode 7. | Credit: Neal Street Productions
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THANK YOU for a decade of an amazing show—CALL THE MIDWIFE!! I enjoyed seeing the actors being interviewed and their perspectives on the show and varied storylines that have impacted them. I loved more information about the music and of course the fashion!! I actually re-watched a lot of the prior seasons before watching the conclusion and noted differences in lighting, clothing and the pace of the show. It was fabulous revisiting characters and I found I had smiles, tear, and ahhhh that music….it gets me every time.

I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for such a fabulous ride over these last 10 years. I am looking forward to blogging again when Season 11 starts. I am always inspired by the characters, the storylines, and the meaning behind the show.

Call the Midwife is really a powerful show. The writers, producers and everyone that works on this dynamic show have been courageous. They have tackled varied medical, obstetrical, social, and even spiritual issues. The show is timeless and stands the test of time. Call the Midwife is really about LOVE, BIRTH, DEATH and the challenges that people can confront. It is a show that everyone can relate to. The life events and difficult obstacles and barriers that they portray are our journey called life. The characters are strong yet they are human. We witness their weaknesses and the ups and downs that come with living: birth, love, health issues, school, family life, friendships, work, being in a partnership, our deepest fears and personal demons, and so much more. We witness intense stresses and challenges and at times people stumbling. But most often what we get to witness is strength, teamwork, support of community, excellence in midwifery and excellence in leadership. The show is about resiliency at its best. Call the Midwife has standalone individual characters; however, you see and feel a strong community that is truly a fabulous ensemble.

I am proud and blessed to be able to say that I am a midwife. It has been the biggest joy of my life and an intense journey. I have had amazing colleagues that are my friends, women and families that I have bonded with and many that I have kept in contact with over many years. It has been an honor to walk along them and support their strength, educate them with the best evidence, advocate for their choices based on their views and preferences, and witness their joys and at times share in their pains. With blogging I have brought my own perspective. I have been a midwife that has worked in all birth settings (home, hospital, in hospital birthing centers, freestanding birth centers). I have been a preceptor educating student (pupil midwives) and currently am an educator. I have been in leadership roles as co-director of a nurse midwifery education program and Director for maternal child health in inner city Detroit (love public health!!). I have been on varied local, regional and national Board of Directors as they navigate their present state and plan for their future paths. One important position where I served 6 (long 😊) years was the Board of Directors (BOD) for the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM). I have tried to be a strong mentor to my students as they begin their journey down this path. The show has allowed me to reflect and pull on all these things. I have found the show powerful and the experience of blogging has been meaningful for me.

I look forward to the next years of the show. We will continue to watch and witness episode by episode and I look forward to processing things, debriefing per se about the varied elements. I have found within my blogging that I have had at times educational points, at times professional clarification, and at times personal growth points.

I enjoy my weekly episodes during the Season: the smiles, the tears, the beautiful music, and I must admit the fashion. I will miss my ‘friends’ until the show starts again! I am looking forward to the Christmas Special and then on to Season 11 in 2022—I can’t wait to see what it holds for us.

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