Faith, Hope and Capital
is a production of Tenth Street Media of San Francisco, in association with Ideas In Motion and Oregon Public Broadcasting.

The program was produced and directed by Lynn Adler and Jim Mayer. John Rogers was Director of Photography. Lynn, Jim, and John have been working together for nearly thirty years. Among the programs they have produced for national broadcast are Kembali, an exploration of Balinese music and dance, and Salmon on the Run, an examination of environmental and political issues concerning salmon in the Pacific Northwest.

Ideas In Motion is a San Francisco-based production company that produces award-winning educational and public information programs, including television spots and longer documentary programs.

Oregon Public Broadcasting in Portland, Oregon, presented Faith, Hope and Capital to PBS and provided final editing and technical services.

Major funding for Faith, Hope and Capital was provided by the Ford Foundation and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation and the Kokoro Foundation provided additional funding.