Daring to Resist

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Dutch resistance worker listens to radio

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The purpose of this study guide is to help students think about the nature of resistance, which is the theme of Daring to Resist. How do the experiences of Barbara, Faye and Shula relate to issues in the students' own lives? The guide encourages students to explore ways that young people can make a difference in their personal lives and in their communities.

Ideally, teachers and students should watch the film. However, the Daring to Resist web site includes a synopsis, biographies, a timeline, film clips and a transcript that can be used independent of the film. We have provided links to the specific sections of the transcript.

The questions are suitable for senior high school students and seventh and eighth graders who have studied the Holocaust in previous grades. The guide addresses teaching standards in history, civics and language arts. Details on the standards met are listed at the end of this Teacher's Guide.

The guide is divided into six sections.


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