The Living Edens-Etosha: Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes
by Adrian Warren, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer

With a gentle creak from the basket, the hot-air balloon lifted off effortlessly, carried on the gentlest of breezes, skimming the tops of thorny acacia trees as it climbed into the still cool air. It was just before six in the morning, and the African sun was peeking over the horizon at the start of another blisteringly hot day in Etosha National Park, Namibia. As soon as we were clear of the trees, I climbed out of the basket to stand on the camera platform -- a crude, wooden table top attached by steel wires to the balloon. The platform afforded a spectacular view of the landscape passing below, a The balloon offers a spectacular view of the lanscape

The pilot, Richard Turnbell
wilderness surrounding the flat Pan -- sometimes a lake, but most often a desert, a place of shimmering mirages. As our balloon carried the pilot, Richard Turnbull, and I across the vast tract landscape of Etosha, we enjoyed a privileged view of the African dawn; the leaves of mopane trees reflecting the first soft rays of the sun like shining emeralds, and below them, dik-dik and the harcs scurried for cover, startled by the balloon's giant profile. For the filming, the balloon was a wonderful tool, for it -- combined with Richard's expert flying -- allowed the camera to literally brush across the tips of grass blades before lifting up to several hundred feet, putting the landscape into dramatic perspective.
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