The Living Edens-Etosha: In the Wild-Springbok
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SpringbokThe Springbok
A medium-sized, graceful animal, the springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) is an antelope that lives on the Etosha pan. When danger looms, springbok have the habit of repeatedly springing up to seven feet in the air (hence their name). This series of springing leaps, called pronking, is a technique used to distract predators, such as cheetahs or lions. Springbok

In August, during the middle of Etosha's eight month dry season, the springbok begin courtship. When life springs anew and the rainy season begins, the springbok give birth. During this season there is plenty of grass and water for the young springbok to feed upon and grow strong enough to sustain the harsh dry season ahead of them.

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