The Living Edens-Etosha: In the Wild-Vulture
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VultureThe Vulture
Vultures are not attractive birds, but they perform a critical function in the cycle of Etoshan life. A scavenger -- meaning that it feeds on animal carcasses -- the vulture is like a janitor, cleaning up the messy, rotting scraps of prey left by predators.

Fit to the Task
With a wingspan that can stretch up to 10 feet, the vulture is able to glide high on rising air currents in search for food. The cornea of a vulture's eye has a special magnifying area that allows it to spy signs of feeding hundreds of feet below. When a vulture reaches a meal, its long, thin neck and bare head allow it to probe easily inside a carcass.


A Killer of Beasts?
When it comes to hunting, vultures never kill big game. They prefer to arrive after another animal has made a kill.

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