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The Wild Salmon Center
This site is committed to the conservation and study of wild steelhead, salmon, and trout and their ecosystems along the Pacific Rim. The Wild Salmon Center is currently conducting a conservationist campaign to protect over fishing of Kamchatka's Sockeye Salmon. Find out how you can be a part of this campaign to save the fish.

A Voyage to Kamchatka
A group of students from Belgium tell of their travel accounts while in Kamchatka. Find interesting stories and helpful hints for travel accommodations, as well as what to expect.

Michigan Technology University Geological Project
This site provides updates on the Kamchatkan volcano Bezymianny, the most active volcano in the area. The Michigan Technology University Volcano Page contains study contents and a worldwide volcano map. Read of traveler and researcher Michael Dolan's studies. A system administrator of the Department of Geological Engineering and Sciences, Dolan gives his readers the inside scoop on Kamchatkan volcanoes.

The Kamchatka Page
The Kamchatka Page dedicates itself to the study and conservation of the Kamchatkan communities and its wildlife. This full color informative site provides windows into the beauty and reality of Siberia's remote landscape. Andrew Logan, Kamchatkan traveler and fisherman, gives access to his photo album and journal after a fishing excursion through the vast rivers of the peninsula.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory
This site allows you to check up on the daily volcanic activity in Alaska and related areas. AVO volcano monitors record the constant seismic activity of Alaskan volcanoes, while the KVERT team, located in both Alaska and Kamchatka, keeps track the most active land mass in the Commandor Islands. Kamchatka's 30 active volcanoes are tracked and color-coded according to their intensity.

Nomad Travel Planners
Find out how to travel to Kamchatka and other exotic and beautiful places by logging on to this travel planning site. Enter your ideal time of year for travel, the price and what your itinerary is, and Nomad Travel Planners will help you find the cheapest way there and back. Lena and Friends are available from this site -- Russian contacts who can aid you personally in getting from the mainland to Kamchatka.

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