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Cosimo I's Era: 1537 -  1574
1537: Allessandro de'Medici murdered
Cosimo de'Medici elected Duke of Florence

: Cosimo marries Eleonora da Toledo

1540: Vasari's renovation of Palazzo Vecchio begins
The Jesuits are officially founded

1541: Last Judgement unveiled

1542: The Roman Inquisition is officially set up

1543: Michelangelo's David restored

1544: Council of Trent begins

1546: Martin Luther dies

1547: Catherine de'Medici crowned Queen of France

1549: Ferdinando de'Medici born 1550: Medici royal family move into Pitti Palace
Vasari publishes the Lives of the Artists

1555: Cosimo I defeats Republic of Siena
Michelangelo tries to destroy his Pieta
John Calvin transforms Geneva into a protestant theocracy

1558: Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England

1559: Cosimo I reaches a compromise with the Inquisition
Catherine de'Medici becomes Queen Regent
The first Index of Forbidden Books is published

1560: Vasari begins work on the Uffizi

1562: Eleonora de'Medici, Duchess of Florence, dies
Accademia del Disegno founded in Florence by Vasari
French wars of religion begin

1563: Council of Trent concludes

1564: Cosimo I delegates most of his duties to his son, Francesco
Michelangelo dies
Galileo born

1569: Cosimo I crowned Grand Duke of Tuscany

1572: St Bartholomew's Day Massacre

1574: Cosimo I dies
Vasari dies

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