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For the Film:

Written and Directed by David Grubin

Produced by David Grubin and Allyson Luchak

Edited by Seth Bomse and Susan Fanshel

Cinematography by James Callanan

Music by Michael Bacon

Narrated by David McCullough

Production Executive Lesley Norman

Associate Producer Sarah Colt

Research Associate Rebecca Ness

Assistant Editor Jenny Carchman

For Devillier Donegan Enterprises:

Production Managers: Denise Glennon and Ciara Byrne

Program Development: Rebecca Goldfield

Supervising Producer: Greg Diefenbach

Executive Producers: Brian Donegan and Ron Devillier

A Production of David Grubin Productions in association with PBS, Docstar, and Devillier Donegan Enterprises.

Made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Napoleon was presented as part of the Empire Series. To learn more about other programs in the series, visit the Empire Series home page.

For the Web Site:

Executive Producer: Daniel Sonnett

Produced by PBS Online

Interactive Battlefield Simulator designed and engineered by John Tiller

Additional Graphic Design by Shannon Sonnett


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