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Closing in on the War Criminals: Is Mladic Next?

Following the arrest of Radovan Karadzic in Belgrade, we spoke with a journalist there who says the arrest of Ratko Mladic is weeks away.


I saw first hand the damage the Serb para-military forces did to both Bosnia and Croatia. I deployed into Brcko in early 1996 and later worked for the OSCE in Vukovar. The war continues in the minds of many in Bosnia and the mental wounds will not even begin to heal until Maladic is captured or killed.As one Bosnian woman stated to me in early 1996, "the black heart of mankind is alive and well here." Those who killed without regard in Bosnia did so without heart or the meaning of life.200,000 dead and over 1.5 million refugees on the footsteps of Europe, yet nothing was done between 1991 and August of 1995 until the US deployed into Bosnia after Serb forces were bombed.