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Rough Cut: Cursed by the Gods
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Learn more about Sri Lanka's civil conflict and efforts toward peace.

Logitha Thangathurai, the social worker featured in "Cursed by the Gods" is an employee of Sarvodaya, Sri Lanka's largest charity organization.

National Peace Council
The National Peace Council is a Sri Lankan organization dedicated to supporting a peaceful solution to the ongoing war in Sri Lanka. The Web site prominently states, "We reject the logic of 'Peace through war,' and firmly believe that the only lasting solution to the conflict is through a negotiated settlement."

Peace in Sri Lanka
The official Sri Lankan government site dedicated to the peace process. The site includes links on international hopes for peace in Sri Lanka.
The official site of the Sri Lankan separatist movement, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), includes a statement of self-determination. This militant site, which states that it is "neither an official nor unofficial site of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam," includes an inventory of the Tamil Tigers' weaponry, from nine tanks down to 15,000 assault rifles.

Asian Tsunami: Unprecedented Catastrophe
This site by the Inter Press Service News Agency includes news and analysis from Amantha Perera, the Sri Lankan journalist Jonathan Jones and Krista Mahr joined to report "Cursed by the Gods."
"Reporting to the world on Tamil affairs," this online resource presents events in Sri Lanka from the Tamil perspective. Text is in English, with a Tamil-language option.

"Living With Terror"
FRONTLINE/World covered the tragedy of Sri Lanka's civil war, "Living With Terror," in the very first episode of the show in May 2002. In one of the most nightmarish scenes we have broadcast, video journalist Joe Rubin arrived at the site of a Tamil Tiger suicide bombing, shortly after it happened. As Rubin reported then, the Tamil Tigers have carried out more suicide bombings than any other terrorist group in the world. But he also found Sri Lankans who were committed to non-violence and a non-sectarian society.

Find out the "latest news from Sri Lanka -- updated round the clock."

Daily News
Boasting the largest circulation in Sri Lanka, the Daily News provides the latest news and updates on Sri Lanka's uncertain journey toward national peace.

This story from the BBC reports on how the Sri Lankan government has bungled the relief effort.