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Rough Cut: South Korea: Everyone's a Journalist
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Related Links

OhmyNews International
In July 2004, OhmyNews began an English version of its online news site; and in 2006, launched a site in Japan. OhmyNews founder, Oh Yeon Ho, is also looking at the Chinese market. He told TIME magazine in 2005 that he wanted OhmyNews to become "the epicenter of world public opinion."
"Virtual Town Squares Rise, Some Struggle"
In this blog covering digital media trends, David Kaplan writes about the mixed fortunes of several U.S. citizen journalism and community sites trying to gain traction.

Gannett to Crowdsource News

In this Wired News article, Jeff Howe reports on Gannett newspapers' move into "crowdsourcing," a term he coined in Wired magazine for using the wisdom of the crowd to gather and disseminate information. Gannett, which publishes USA Today and 90 other American daily newspapers, began reorganizing its online newsgathering operations last November, with more emphasis on participation from citizen journalists across its regional hubs.

Scoopt U.K.
As the name suggests, this U.K. site is a "user-generated" online marketplace that solicits "newsworthy" photos and blog entries from the general public, which can then be licensed to mainstream media outlets. The growing trend in online "cash for content"aggregation signifies the increasing value being placed on user-generated content.

With the tagline, "crowd powered media," this user-generated content site sorts news and blog entries by date and popularity -- much like its better-known counterpart, Digg. There are tip lines for the public to call in breaking news, and areas to upload content and photos. The site claims to have more than 77,000 registered members in 3,800 cities around the world.

New West
New West is a regional news, information, and entertainment site serving the Rocky Mountain West. The site shares many similarities with OhmyNews, offering daily news coverage from established journalists and plenty of citizen participation from the communities in Colorado it serves.