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Afghanistan - A House for Haji Baba, Ocotber 2003

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Devastated Afghanistan still produces 70 percent of the world's opium.

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The Story
Reporter Sarah Chayes looks on as people build

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After covering the U.S. war in Afghanistan, NPR reporter Sarah Chayes decided to give up her job as a journalist and remain in Afghanistan to help rebuild the country. "I feel like my destiny is tied up with the destiny of this place," says Chayes, who traded her tape recorder for a pickax and shovel to help reconstruct a village outside Kandahar. FRONTLINE/World's Brian Knappenberger chronicles Chayes's bumpy transformation from objective journalist to impassioned aid worker battling bureaucratic red tape, corruption and dangerous warlords. read more

Interview With Sarah Chayes: Danger, Determination and Destiny

Sarah Chayes talks about what motivates her to put up with the threat of violence, on-and-off electricity, and constant obstacles to her efforts to help reconstruct Afghanistan.

Invisible Women
After the fall of the Taliban, the veils were supposed to disappear. Learn what women in Afghanistan really face in terms of politics, education, security and health.

Reporter's Slideshow: Behind the Lens

Man wearing turban - Photo courtesy Eve Lyman
Photo courtesy Eve Lyman