Jewel of the Amazon

Airs on PBS January 24, 2006

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Grave of the unidentified

The Story

Mining is illegal on all of Brazil's lands. But after the discovery of diamonds in the late 1990's, a black market developed...and a rise in violence. This time the federal police have been called in to investigate charges that the Cinta Larga massacred 29 miners.


Read interviews with tribal chiefs, mining leaders and the Brazilian authorities about the violence and mistrust that has divided a community.

Additional Resources

Regulation of the diamond industry, Links to Brazilian cultural and environmental agencies; further reading on the Amazon.

Children standing in red mud next to miners

Go behind the scenes with FRONTLINE/World producer/cameraman Darren Foster as he enters a tribal reserve deep in the Amazon.

Indians of the Amazon

Indians of the Amazon

Trace the history of Brazil’s indigenous peoples, from the early settlers to a new era in which Indians struggle for rights and a balance between their ancient ways and modern life.

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