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FRANCE: Play it Again, Maurice, May 2003

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Liner Notes
Read about the evolution of Ra‘ Music, the mixed history of Algeria and France and ethnic and religious conflict in France today -- all of which shape Maurice El Medioni's story.

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Maurice El Medioni at microphone

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Recently in Marseilles, a DJ put out a techno dance track that sampled the piano playing and singing of an older musician born and raised in Algeria. The track became an underground hit, capturing the attention of PRI World reporter Marco Werman. So in May 2003, FRONTLINE/World sent Werman on a journey to this cosmopolitan city, home to an intriguing blend of Africans, Arabs and Europeans, to meet the man at the source of this compelling old-meets-new sound, Maurice El Medioni.
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Interview With Marco Werman: In the Mix
Get the inside scoop on Marco Werman's trip to Marseilles and his experiences behind the scenes with musician Maurice El Medioni, traipsing from clubs and city streets to North African synagogue.

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