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ICELAND - The Future of Sound, January 2003

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Facts & Stats
Icelanders read more books per capita than any other citizenry in the world.

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Learn more about Iceland: its background and history, its culture and music, and its unique approach to energy. read more

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The Story
Musician playing the keyboard

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PRI World reporter Marco Werman flies into Iceland for FRONTLINE/World on a hunt to find some of the most innovative pop music on the planet. Around-the-clock pub crawls follow, naturally. read more

Virtual Music Tour: Sample Sounds From the Edge of the World Tune into streaming audio and learn all about top Icelandic bands.

Woman dancing Reporter's Notebook: World Music's Global Reach
Read reporter Marco Werman's essay, in which he speculates that Iceland's dramatic mix of cold moonscape, long nights and vast stores of geothermal energy is what fuels production of such distinctive sounds.