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FRONTLINE/World investigates the deadly business of international weapons dealers, whose guns, grenades and mortars have contributed to millions of deaths around the world. We follow a team of U.N. detectives as they track down the source of illegal arms used to massacre civilians in Freetown, Sierra Leone. watch video >>
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Gallery Of International Arms Dealers

Photo of gunUkraine: Cashing in on Illegal Arms
Missing Ukrainian weapons have found their way into the hands of buyers in hot spots around the globe, from Sierra Leone to Croatia. This report examines the links connecting Ukrainian stockpiles and illegal arms deals.

Interview with Johan Peleman
U.N. investigator Johan Peleman offers his insights on arms trafficking and organized crime, the vulnerability of war-zone states, and the international implications of the illicit trade in small arms.

Interview with Tom Ofcansky
During the 1990s, U.S. State Department analyst Tom Ofcansky tracked illegal suppliers of small arms to Africa. He tells FRONTLINE/World that despite awareness of the damage wreaked by arms shipments, the issue was given a low priority at the State Department.