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The Legacy of Harry T. Moore
Harry T. Moore

Harry T. MooreHarry T. Moore Intro Page

Harry T. Moore paved the way for the '60s civil rights movement by championing equal pay for black teachers, organizing the black vote, and publicly condemning racist attitudes and actions of local, state and national officials. Learn more about this compelling, but relatively unknown, civil rights activist.

This short biography introduces you to Harry T. Moore and those things he was the most passionate about: education, civil rights and family.

Moore's Legacy
Although the murder of Harry T. Moore attracted worldwide attention at the time of his death, his story has since disappeared from the history of the civil rights movement. Through interview transcripts and RealVideo clips historians featured in the documentary delve more deeply into the issue of why Moore is not a well-known civil rights figure and address the question of what his rightful place in this history should be.

Selected Letters
Harry Moore was an eloquent and prolific letter writer. Learn more about his views on lynching, equal education and voting rights through viewing these selected letters.

On-Line Poll
Express your views on Moore's place in history by participating in this on-line poll.

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