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Florida Terror Page

Harry T. Moore traveled across Florida establishing NAACP branches, encouraging blacks to vote and demanding equal pay for teachers. These were dangerous activities in the Florida of the 1930s and 40s - a state with little tolerance for a man with dreams of racial equality.

rubin staceyLynchings
In a Deep South afraid of any encroachment on the white power structure, lynchings were a barbaric, but effective, method of reminding blacks of their place in the South's social order. See how Florida's lynching record compared with that of its neighboring states.

groveland on fireGroveland
When a young white woman accuses four African Americans of rape, it touches off a riot by white mobs in the small citrus town of Groveland. The ensuing rape trial and the controversial actions of the local sheriff would attract national attention to the town.

kkk in floridaKKK in Florida
Trace the Ku Klux Klan's history in Florida from the rebirth of the modern Klan, in 1915, to 1951, when it unleashed the "Florida Terror," which culminated in the bombing of Harry Moore's house.

moore houseWho Killed Harry T. Moore?
Was Harry Moore killed because of his political activism, his work in the Groveland case, or by an isolated act of Klan terrorism? And how seriously did the FBI try to solve the murders? Learn more about the federal and state investigations that have attempted to answer the question, "Who killed Harry T. Moore?"

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