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What's up with Dean and all his "wives"?

Okay, here's the story. Dean is not now—and never has been—married to any of his co-hosts. He is happily married, however.

Miriam Johnson is Hometime’s fifth female co-host. In the early years Hometime allowed viewers to believe that Dean was married to his co-host and that they lived in the homes they worked on. More recently this concept has evolved to something closer to reality: Dean and Miriam are home improvement experts and enthusiasts who manage and pitch in on a wide variety of projects, working with a not-so-behind-the-scenes-team of carpenters and craftsmen. And, no, they are not related.

Where are Robin and the other past co-hosts these days?

Robin HartlRobin Hartl was hired by Hometime in July 1992 to begin production of the 1993 season. She taped her last episode in August of 2004. With twelve seasons and over three hundred episodes, Robin was on Hometime longer than any other female co-host.

During her last few years working at Hometime Robin was also back in school, studying interior design.
Besides Hometime reruns, Robin is still on TV.  You might have seen her on infomercials with Richard Karn (“Al Borland” from the sitcom Home Improvement ) for the Little Giant Ladder Systems. And she says she hasn't ruled out having a TV show of her own. To stay updated on her activities you can check out her web site:

Susanne EgliSusanne Egli joined Hometime for one season after JoAnne left. She has since appeared in numerous regional theater productions, commercials, and training films. She is presently putting her communications skills to work as a Managing Director at the management consulting firm Talon Performance Group.

JoAnne LiebelerJoAnne (JoJo) Liebeler was the second Hometime co-host. She was with the show for four years before moving to Los Angeles to pursue work in the entertainment industry. After several years of freelance work, including a gig as a comedy writer for a syndicated TV show, she returned to her home-improvement roots. She was on The Learning Channel's Home Savvy and HGTV's Room for Change. JoJo has started a production company that develops and produces television programs—something that's been a longtime dream of hers.

Peggy KnappPeggy Knapp was our first co-host. She joined us in 1986 but left after the first season. Since then Peggy has produced and/or reported for a variety of programs, including Newton's Apple, Network Earth, Earth Matters, and The American Edge. She has received numerous awards for her work, including two Emmy Awards and a Cable ACE Award. Peggy is presently Director of Programs at the Freshwater Society.

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