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Hood Photo Appeal

Tim Bichara reports

May 24th 2001 saw the 60th anniversary of Hood's sinking. To commemorate this tragedy, the Hood Association decided to launch their photo appeal - a project to obtain photographs of, and find out more about, the men who were lost with the ship in 1941.

The appeal has proved to be a great success. When it was launched, in December 2000, the Association had around 40 pictures of men who were lost. That figure has now risen to over 200.

The Association is keen to here from anybody who has interest in or information relating to the appeal. More details can be found on their website at www.hmshood.f9.co.uk/MemorialGallery/GalleryIntro.html

Photos and/or information on crew members can be sent direct to hmshood.photos@btinternet.com or by post to

Paul Bevand
HMS Hood Association
98 Monarch Drive

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The Hood Photo Appeal

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Combing the search box

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Transfers and goodbyes

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Farewell to the Bismarck

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A service of remembrance

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More filming from the deep

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The Bismarck plaque is laid

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The Bismarck is found!

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Staying on track

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The sonar is finally launched

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More frustration for the team

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Rough weather halts progress

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Expedition to film the Bismarck

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Holding a steady course

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Northern Horizon leaves Cork

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David Mearns in Webchat

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ITN's Rob White reports from the ship