Fill in the Blank: Whatever Happened to _________?

November 09, 2010 by Brooke Shelby Biggs in Where Are They Now?

Here at the Independent Lens Blog, we’re looking to improve your experience by filling in some inevitable blanks created by the passage of time. We’ve broadcast hundreds of films, now that we’re in our 9th official season.
head_question_mark.jpgOver those years, you’ve met an incredible range of characters: politicians, activists, artists, musicians, students, parents, grandparents, attempted murderers, inspirational people, Nobel laureates, and others from all walks of life.
Some of these, no doubt, have stuck with you, as they have with us. And you find yourself wondering whatever happened to that person since the film was made? So here’s your chance to give us an assignment. Who — from a film that aired on Independent Lens (in case you were itching to make a Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? reference) — would you like us to catch up with and interview for an update on this blog? No film is too old, no protagonist too obscure. Let your curiosity lead you, and leave your suggestions in the comments.


Brooke Shelby Biggs