IL Classic China Blue to Stream Free; Chat on Globalization with PBS NewsHour

Next up on the summer ITVS Indies Showcase is an Independent Lens classic, China Blue. Micha Peled’s stunning undercover film follows Jasmine, one of many teenagers working at a blue jeans factory, struggling to survive brutal work conditions. Shot clandestinely and without permission from Chinese authorities, China Blue takes a rare and poignant look at … READ MORE

A Trip Down Memory Lane with the PBS Logo

Almost nothing makes me so nostalgic as the bumpers and “idents” (network identification spots) of the media of my childhood. That got me thinking about the PBS logo through the years — which is a very personal anchor for a lot of our memories of learning while watching our favorite shows through the years. Independent … READ MORE

Test Your Documentary Know-How!

It’s summer, and we’re basking in a plethora of great docs in theaters, on PBS, and online. We need to keep ourselves sharp, so we test each other on our documentary prowess now and again. This time, we’re inviting you to join in. Help us test our new quiz tool by taking this quick quiz … READ MORE

ITVS Indies Showcase Celebrates 20 Years of Independents

Our parent organization, the Independent Television Service (ITVS), is celebrating its 20th anniversary! To honor the amazing filmmakers who have so inspired us in the past two decades, and to offer our amazing viewers — without whom we wouldn’t have a reason to exist — a gift of gratitude, we’re launching a summer film festival! … READ MORE

Independent Lens Nominated for Five Emmys

We are extremely proud to report that five Independent Lens films scored Emmy Award nominations this week! Mostly, we are thrilled for the amazing and creative independent filmmakers who toil to tell these stories, and who deserve all of the praise an laurels we can heap upon them. Huzzah and hooray to one and all! … READ MORE

Feed Your Synapses with Independent Lens to Go

Are you desperately in need of brain food this summer, when the primetime lineup leans toward Who Wants to be a National Laughingstock? and Are You Smarter Than a Single-Celled Organism? Well, even though the Independent Lens season premiere is still a few months away, we put together this handy guide of recent IL shows … READ MORE

Take the Community Cinema Audience Survey!

Our Community Cinema program brings Independent Lens films right to your town so you can watch for free and discuss the issues raised with your neighbors and local leaders. Did you have a favorite film from this season’s lineup? Did you attend a Community Cinema screening and learn something new? Have any suggestions on how … READ MORE

Bill Moyers’s Desert Island DVDs

We’re in receipt of a lovely sentiment from the inimitable Bill Moyers. “If I were heading for a desert island with only one complete set of DVDs, I’d be taking Independent Lens. There’s no more authentic way to stay in touch with real people and life as it is. I never feel alone in the … READ MORE

Audience Award Winner Two Spirits Was a Community Effort

This week we unveiled the winner of the 2011 Independent Lens Audience Award, our season finale Two Spirits. The film is the story of Fred Martinez, a Navajo boy who was naadlehi, or male with a feminine spirit. Fred was 16 years old when 18-year-old Shaun Murphy bludgeoned him to death for being different. When … READ MORE

The 2011 Independent Lens Audience Award Winner is … Two Spirits!

At film festivals, the award that often matters most to filmmakers and their subjects alike is the Audience Award. They know they’ve struck a chord when the audience applauds their efforts. The race for the most coveted award of the year for Independent Lens came down to the last 30 minutes of voting. Our top … READ MORE

(A Highly Subjective) Top 10 LGBT Documentaries for Pride Month

It’s LGBT Pride Month, and with celebrations cropping up across the country, we thought we’d have a look at documentaries dealing with LGBT issues are. Here’s my personal Top 10 … feel free to suggest your own favorites in the comments section. 10. Two Spirits The story of the murder of Fred Martinez, this documentary … READ MORE