Phillip Morris hugs his wife when reunited at Minneapolis airport.

November 06, 2019

Following the Journey of Interpreters We Left Behind

Craig Phillips in Interviews

Filmmakers Andrés Caballero and Sofian Khan's previous feature-length collaboration Gaucho del Norte, which made its broadcast premiere on public television’s America ReFramed series, followed the journey of a Patagonian immigrant sheepherder recruited to work…...

An African American boy looks up at burned out buildings in the Bronx, circa late 70s
Beyond the Films

November 04, 2019

How the Burning of the Bronx Led to the Birth of Hip-Hop

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

Joshua Jelly-Schapiro, a geographer and writer who co-edited, with Rebecca Solnit, the remarkable, fascinating book Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas, helped us create a playlist to accompany both Decade of…...

Decade of Fire, kids skating in the Bronx 1970s

October 30, 2019

Decade of Fire Filmmakers Change the Narrative About the South Bronx

Craig Phillips in Behind the Films

The three-headed team as it were, of co-directors Vivian Vázquez Irizarry and Gretchen Hildebran, and producer Julia Steele Allen, each brought something different and special to the table in the…...

Surrogate mother Shannon holds a baby, in Made in Boise (her husband Tom looks on)

October 25, 2019

“A Scene I’ll Never Forget.” Filmmaker Intimately Captures Surrogacy Journey in Boise

Craig Phillips in Beyond the Films

Emmy and Peabody-winning producer/director Beth Aala has gone from a Pool Party (her first film as director) filled with amazing music, the story of how a swimming pool became the center of a…...

Sammy, David, and Todd as the nurse preps for delivery, in Made in Boise.
Beyond the Films

October 22, 2019

Surrogacy Facts and Myths: How Much Do You Know?

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

By Lennlee Keep In 2018, over 100 children were born in Boise, Idaho, through surrogacy. The story behind this unique baby boom is explored in the Independent Lens documentary Made…...

Decade of Fire, kids skating in the Bronx 1970s

October 02, 2019

Independent Lens Brings New Stories into Your Neighborhood for Fall Season

Independent Lens in Announcements

This season, from fall to spring, Independent Lens presents a new group of award-winning films that will thrust viewers into the heart of conversations across America. We'd like to introduce you to…...

Indie Lens Wins 4 News & Doc Emmys graphic

September 24, 2019

Big Night: Independent Lens Wins Four 2019 News and Documentary Emmy Awards

Craig Phillips in Awards

It was a big night for Independent Lens. We were thrilled to be honored with four News and Documentary Emmy® Awards at a ceremony held on Tuesday, September 24 in…...

Multi-sided dice from Dungeons and Dragons

August 28, 2019

Game On: Why We Are Playing Board Games More Than Ever

Independent Lens in Lifestyle

By Lennlee Keep It was the summer of 1979 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Everyone in my family gets a sunburn when we even think about a beach, so we are very…...

Is this a black hole in space, or the start of classic rock concert? Take the quiz and find out.
Test Your Knowledge

July 05, 2019

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Space Object and a Documentary Still Image?

Independent Lens in Test Your Knowledge

Are you ready to celebrate the skies above and the great beyond? So are we...Independent Lens-style. Take a time-out to space out with our visual quiz. See if you can…...

NASA astronaut Mae Jemison waits as her suit technician, Sharon McDougle, performs a unpressurized and pressurized leak check on her spacesuit, 1992.
Beyond the Films

July 02, 2019

Space Scientists of Color, and the “Afronauts”

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

By Satu Runa What drives humankind to explore? There are several factors that can embolden a person to “seek out new civilizations” or “boldly go where no one has gone…...

At the Kennedy Space Center, seven women who once aspired to fly into space stand outside Launch Pad 39B neat the Space Shuttle Discovery, poised for liftoff on the first flight of 1995. They are members of the First Lady Astronaut Trainees (FLATs, also known as the
Beyond the Films

June 28, 2019

Women of the Space Agency: Once Forbidden, No Longer Hidden

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

By Heather Archuletta In July of 1999, on Apollo 11’s 30th anniversary, at a Kennedy Space Center press conference, NASA astronaut and first moonwalker Neil Armstrong lamented, “School children used…...

Armistead Maupin at typewriter in the 1970s, from Untold Tales

June 20, 2019

Enter to Win a Copy of “Logical Family: A Memoir”

Independent Lens in Contests

Looking for some summer reading? Love Armistead Maupin and Tales of the City? Enter for your chance to win a copy of his book Logical Family: A Memoir. You have…...