Eating Up Easter

Eating Up Easter

May 25, 2020


Sergio Rapu and Elena Rapu

Rapa Nui is facing increasing challenges to preserve its culture and environment from tourism and modern society.


About the Documentary

More than just a picture-perfect postcard of iconic stone statues, Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, is a microcosm of a planet in flux. Directed by native Rapa Nui filmmaker Sergio Mata’u Rapu, Eating Up Easter explores the challenges his people are facing, and the intergenerational fight to preserve their culture and a beloved environment against a backdrop of a modernizing society and a booming tourism trade.  

Crafted as a story passed down to his newborn son, Rapu intertwines the authentic history of the island with the stories of four islanders, crafting a moving portrait of a society striving to keep step with the rest of the world while maintaining its own unique identity, and asking the next generation, “what will be left for you?” 

The Filmmakers

Sergio Rapu

Native Rapanui producer/director Sergio Mata’u Rapu is the only Easter Islander working in production in an English-speaking country. He has spent the last 15 years shooting and producing documentaries that have aired on History Channel, Travel Channel, National Geographic, and NOVA. Through his work, Sergio aims to show the diversity of life through thought-provoking media to inspire resolutions to social, economic, and environmental conflicts.

Elena Rapu

Elena Rapu (producer/writer) is an anthropologist and filmmaker. She received her MA in Anthropology from SUNY Binghamton, specializing in the Pacific. She has 15 years of experience on Easter Island working in archaeology, hospitality, and tourism. She is passionate about exploring the complex realities faced by living cultures as they grow and change in a globalized world. 

Full Credits


  • Arica Nativa Film Festiva

    Winner - Mallku Feature Film Competition

  • BendFilm Festival

    Best Environmental/Outdoor Feature

  • Arkhaios Film Festival

    Audience Favorite

  • Arkhaios Film Festival

    Jury Grand Prize

  • Portuguese Surf Film Festival

    Sustainability Award

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