Behind the Scenes
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Things you didn't know about Eddie:

I recently graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Engineering. I moved out to Los Angeles to see if I could make it in Hollywood as an actor! Before joining ITM, I was a dancer on MTV's "The Grind." It was cool to meet all the musical acts up-close, but I wanted to host my own gig rather than just shake my rump. In my free time, I am an avid volleyball player.

I think it's important to be involved; I volunteered as a Big Brother and was a member of Mt. Vernon's Board of Aging...two experiences that really meant alot to me.

We have a say on what we want on the show. We pitch a story idea and if the producers like it, the idea gets researched on the feasibility of shooting it. Right now, I'm doing research on teen gambling. If we do the segment, I'll have input on the questions to ask and how the piece is going to look.

We rely heavily on viewer mail to tell us what pieces to do. A lot of kids wrote to us saying that crime in their neighborhoods was getting out of control and they wanted us to do something about it. So, we did a whole episode from jail on the consequences of crime. That's how things get done.