Behind the Scenes
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I am pursuing a career in acting. Right now I am going out on as many auditions as possible and "paying my dues." It is hard work but at the same time it is the most fun I think I could ever have. I once heard Al Pacino say that acting for him was "a trip to the stars" and that is exactly how I feel!

For fun I like to go to the gym, I go just about every day! My favorite class is called 90's funk, its a hip-hop-funk workout. (How's that for a description?!) It's really a lot of fun; it's like going to a party or a club and dancing for an hour, minus the smoke and attitude! If you find yourself in NY, you should check it out!

We have the liberty to be as involved in the production of the show as we want to be. The degree of involvement changes with each shoot. I have done some segments for the show where I was completely uninvolved in preproduction until the day of the shoot; other segments have started out as my own idea. I helped do research and was involved all the way through to the air date. In the Mix is a very small operation. That means that we don't have things like a makeup artist or hairdresser, or wardrobe stylist; that is pretty unique for a national TV show, but it's also further proof that we really are real!