Behind the Scenes
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I recently graduated from Cornell. If you saw "College: A Crash Course", you might remember that I was in my first year at Ithaca College and wanted to transfer. Well, let me just say that it was a great decision and I would encourage others who are unhappy with the schools they've chosen to look into it. Life is too short to be in a place you don't want to be!

In the Mix is one of the first inspirations for my wanting to become involved in film and television production. I have since gone on to do some pretty interesting things in the industry, and am grateful for the experiences I had and things I learned at an early age with In the Mix. Next up, I plan to work on some film scripts (something I've wanted to do for years, but have not had the time), and to seek out some interesting jobs in the industry.

Prior to every shoot we have a production meeting in which we discuss everything the shoot will encompass. Sometimes the producer wants the host's help in restructuring an entire script; other times, if lines sound awkward, we rephrase them in our own words. Throughout a shoot we stay very involved.

When people watch In the Mix, they never think the hosts are acting and this is the effect we're looking for. That is challenging; you've got to constantly find the energy to keep your performance alive and exciting. This is not so simple a task. You don't want your performance to be boring, but you don't want too much energy or you'll look corny! Overall, shoots are a lot of fun and new ideas are constantly flowing and welcome. It is rare that an original outline for a shoot will match the finished product.