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Neve Campbell:
[on the direction of her character, Julia, on Party of Five]
I agree with it...I don't always think she makes the right decisions, but I think for plot line and interest for the audience I agree with it. Every teenager goes through problems and makes mistakes, and that's what Julia's doing. [As a teenager myself] I didn't fit in. I didn't have any friends. Actually, Julia had more friends than I did. I honestly couldn't fit in at all, I couldn't relate to people my age.
[on how to break into the acting biz]
There's the obvious – get your pictures taken, try and find an agent, and work from there. But I would suggest training first, looking for a teacher, finding good acting schools. And studying, finding out whether you actually enjoy it.
Jennifer Love Hewitt:
[on her character, Sarah, on Party of Five]
She's got a good head on her shoulders. She's not into all that peer pressure stuff. She makes good decisions. She makes decisions based on what she knows is going to make her happy.
[on TV shows depicting sexually active teens]:
I think that goes on enough in our society with teens and I don't think they need to turn on the TV and see somebody saying that that's OK.
Matthew Fox: [on his relationship with the other cast members]:
We do mess around like brothers and sisters, we have fun that way...I'll never forget the time we all got cast together at Fox studios. We were auditioning for all these studio executives and it was really the first time I met Lacey and Neve and Scott. We went in and we did some material, we did a scene for them. And we went out of the room, and they had another version of the Salinger family, which was a blond version, and they went in and did their thing, and came out. Then they brought us all back in and they said, "Congratulations, you're the Salinger family!". And from that second on, we have all just always given of ourselves in those relationships.
Scott Wolf: [on why it's okay not to bring sex into a relationship]
I was in a relationship like that when I was seventeen years old. There's nothing that says a relationship has to be physical to that point. Having sex doesn't mean you love someone, and loving someone doesn't necessarily mean you have to have sex. Sex is something that people need to be responsible with.
[on breaking up]
I don't think there's any quick fix solution that makes breaking up a good thing. But the one thing I believe in is just being completely honest with yourself and with the person you're in a relationship with.
[Check out Scott's video clip]
Lacey Chabert: [on her character, Claudia, on Party of Five]
Claudia, I think, has figured that she has an answer for every problem that the family has and that if they would listen to her, every little thing would be OK…I don't want to be treated like a star, 'cause I'm not, you know? I'm not…It's just something that I love to do.
Stephon Marbury: [on playing basketball]
I've got an education, which I'm able to take as far as reaching my degree. Education, a chance to travel, a chance to meet new people, a chance to do different things. I've gotten to go to Paris, France, numerous times. It's fun, and playing basketball, growing up, where I grew up, I mean that's all you know, to play basketball. So my dream was to make it to the NBA, like everyone else's. But I just think that it has something different. I look at it like it could be something. Making it like as a job, and having it so I can support my family.

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