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Tori Amos: [on having courage to write and record "Me and A Gun", about being a rape survivor] Years ago I had absolutely no courage to do it and I covered it up by doing any other kind of music than the music that would talk about what I was really feeling... Rape is about a person who doesn't have enough respect and love for themselves, so they can't for you, and they don't for you. At first, when I started to deal with it, which is when I wrote "Me and A Gun", and I hadn't dealt with it in years, I numbed a part of myself that night to get through it. Just like anybody in that situation. And I'm finding that in "Baker, Baker", that's really the song that for me has been the next step. We have to open the sore, squeeze it like a zit, get it out of there, get out the hurt, get out the rage, get out all those things. It's really hard to do it alone. And I really, really recommend getting help. There are some great rape crisis centers. I will always sing that song every time I perform, because that's the way that I heal.
[Visit the Tori-supported RAINN website]
[See Tori's video clip]

Will Smith: [on the difference between acting and music]
It's a different creative vein, a different mind set. Neither one is any better than the other. I prefer to do them both and do them separately at different times.
[on his first film, "Six Degrees of Separation"]
It was really very difficult. It made me want to work harder, and it made me want to be better. You always have to surround yourself with people who are better than you in order to hold you up.
Check out Will Smith's video clip.

Salt N Pepa: [on being female role models]
It's very important to us. Especially being that we're females, our female audience is the audience we cater to the most. If you ever saw our show, we talk about independence and respecting yourself and loving yourself. And making sure that you're #1. If women change their frame of mind, their frame of thinking in a relationship and in their lives, period, then a lot of things would change. And that's what a lot of women need to know.

Phish: [on what they were like in high school]
We were geeks!
Coolio: [on success]
When you do something from the heart and you work hard, and you're really into your music, you never look at it like that. You're doing it because it's something you felt.
LV: [on the meaning of the questions asked in "Gangsta's Paradise"]
How can you just walk up to another brother or someone and just kill them? It's self-destruction. How can you just have no heart?

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