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The Dialogues

The Journey Towards Peace is a global journey. Our world is increasingly more interdependent and we can no longer insulate ourselves from the strife and tensions of other countries. In fact, these tensions are not just in "those other places," but in each and every country. These issues are human issues and as such are intrinsically global. Each and every one of us must find a way to live and work together with respect and dignity. Our world depends upon it.

The Journey Towards Peace is an intergenerational journey. As a global community we can engage in an exploration committed to creating a better future by combining the vitality of the present with the wisdom of the past.

In this complex area of human relationships, we all have something to offer and something to learn. Anyone, of any age, race or ethnicity, may be our teacher. By continuing these discussions, in our homes, schools or communities, we have an opportunity to learn from each other. This is a Journey Towards Peace for us all.

Let the dialogues begin

Discussions among students and Dr. Hope and Archbishop Franklin.