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The Documentary Background on the documentary and information on Archbishop Tutu, Dr, Franklin, the students and Goree Island

Meet Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Detailed Biography and a video clip from Tutu on Goree Island and a partial transcript of his conversation with Dr. Franklin. Also Included are links to PBS web information on Tutu.

Meet Dr. John Hope Franklin: Detailed Biography and a video clip from Dr. Franklin on Goree Island and partial transcript of his conversation with Archbishop Tutu. Also Included are links to PBS web information on Dr. Franklin

Meet the Students: Short Biographies of all 21 students from The United Stated, South Africa and Senegal with video clips of 6 of the students.

Explore the Island: Information about Goree Island and its people. Included is a short video clip of Archbishop Tutu’s and Dr. Franklins conversation about the Slave House. Also included is Information on Senegal and a slide show of images from the Island.

The Dialogues: An overview of the dialogues in which the students and the elders participated.

Interracial: Honest Conversations: Information of different racial categories in the US and South Africa. Highlighted is a conversation between the students on dating ad marriage

International: Correcting Stereotypes: A discussion of various stereotypes that the students had about each other before the trip and how their opinions changed after spending time together.

Intergenerational: Two Perspectives: Information about various web sites that deal with the issue of intergenerational communication, as well as discussion between Tutu, Franklin and the students on Affirmative Action.

Art: Bridging Differences: A look at how Art has bridged the differences between races and become a starting point for better relations between people.

Your Turn: A starting point for you to begin your own dialogues about race. Take a history quiz to test your knowledge. Answer questions designed to help you take an honest look at how you feel about issues of race.

For Teachers: A page just for teachers with a down loadable teacher guide designed by Media Education Consultants of Boston.

TV Schedule: A page that links you to the PBS TV schedules to find out when Tutu and Franklin: A Journey Towards peace is airing in your community.

Feedback: Send us your comments on the documentary and the web site and they will be posted for everyone to see.

Order the Video: Information on how to order your own copy of Tutu and Franklin: A Journey Towards Peace.

Credits: A list of all the people who made this web site possible.