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Doris Morimoto
Fillmore Resident since 1927

Doris Morimoto
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Doris Morimoto as child
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Photo Credit: Morimoto Family

On Living in the Fillmore

I've lived on Fillmore Street all my life. This is the only place I know, the only place I feel comfortable living. I feel I can go out at any time and not be afraid. I can say hello to the many people who I've met and become friends with. It's my home.

On Leaving San Francisco for the Internment Camps

When we had to leave San Francisco, we had to sell everything. We had to sell the store, our truck. We sold everything we had for $400. I didn't feel anything against anyone. I just wanted to get back. I think that was the main thing. To be able to come back because the only place I knew was San Francisco.

Doris' mother in front of their cleaning business
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Photo Credit: Morimoto Family


Doris' wedding photo
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Photo Credit: Morimoto Family

On Building a Home in the Fillmore

We were in the camp for four years. So, in the camp, my husband learned to build things: dressers, cabinets. When we bought our home after the war, every night after work, after dinner, my husband put this hardwood floor in. If you look carefully, there's a pattern at the end of the hallway, so I take great pride in this house.

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