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People of the Fillmore

In this section of the Fillmore web site, you'll read some of the sweet, funny, and painful memories of former Fillmore residents whose moving stories are threaded throughout the film's narrative. You'll also be able to listen to and watch video clips of witnesses and experts as they discuss San Francisco city policy and the controversy surrounding urban renewal. The men and women interviewed for the Fillmore reflect the diverse populace that has made the Bay Area its home.

Hatsuro Aizawa
Former Japantown Resident

Albert Broussard
Associate Professor of History
Texas A&M University
Author: Black San Francisco: The Struggle for Racial Equality in the West, 1900-1954

Willie L. Brown Jr.
Mayor of San Francisco
Former Fillmore Resident

George Christopher
Former Mayor of San Francisco

Charles Collins
Real Estate Developer
Former Fillmore Resident

Dr. Daniel Collins
Retired Dentist
Co-Founder of The Bay Area Urban League
Former Fillmore Resident

Sugar Pie De Santo
Former Fillmore Resident

Lloyd Federlein
Former Fillmore Resident

Jerry Flamm
Former Fillmore Resident
Author: Good Life in Hard Times

Tom Fleming
Editor & Columnist
The Sun-Reporter
Former Fillmore Resident


Reverend Wilbur Hamilton
Executive Director
San Francisco Redevelopment Agency 1977-1987

John Handy
Former Fillmore Resident

Chester Hartman
Urban Planner
Author: The Transformation of San Francisco

Doris Morimoto
Fillmore Resident since 1927

Steve Nakajo
Community Activist
Executive Director, Kimochi, Inc.
Fillmore Resident

Carol O'Gilvie
Her Aunt & Uncle were former Fillmore residents

Reggie Pettus
New Chicago Barber Shop

Mary Rogers
Community Organizer

Earl Watkins
Former Fillmore Resident

Reverend Hannibal Williams
Community Organizer

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