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Duplicate and distribute these activities. Students may work independently or cooperatively.

How Much Time?
The average workday is generally assumed to be 8 hours a day. The workweek is 5 days, and the work year 52 weeks as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor. Using these standard figures, try to answer these questions:

• How many hours a year does the average person spend at work?

• What percentage of the year is spent at work?

• If you assume an average of 8 hours of sleep a night, what percent of a person's waking hours per year are spent working?

• If you were a Trilogy employee who spent 16 hours a day at work, what percentage of your working hours per year would be spent on work? (Still assume 8 hours of sleep.)

You might turn your data into a pie chart or graph, and display your results in the classroom. You may also conduct library, Internet, or personal research to find out the average hours spent per month or year at different professions, and include this information in your data.

If you decide you want to go further with this, be sure to check out Livelyhood's Learn about Work: A Starting Point for Online Research section, which lists groups that employ people to do this kind of research and analysis for a living!