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"We take so much of Women's Lib for granted I think I might have a secret admiration for the aims of the Suffragette cause." Miss Anson
Miss Anson
Miss Anson

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Miss Anson's Day

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Miss Anson at dinner

Edwardian Life

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The People: Dr Avril Anson

Edwardian Role: Miss Anson (Lady Olliff-Cooper's sister)
Age: 50
Home: Southampton
Occupation: Management Consultant

Life before Manor House
Avril, Anna's sister, is currently a self-employed Marketing Consultant, having spent many years as a lecturer in Microbiology at the University of Exeter.

She enjoys her independence and looks forward to swapping her boyfriend's motorbike for the chance to ride horses side-saddle. Avril anticipates her role as companion to her sister and Lady of House will include helping Anna with correspondence and chaperoning visiting young girls.

Avril is preparing to investigate the restrictions imposed on unmarried women in the Edwardian era and experience a life where her destiny would have been accorded to the head of the family.

"We take so much of Women's Lib for granted - I think I might have a secret admiration for the aims of the Suffragette cause."

Life in Manor House
Despite having a successful career in the modern day, the fact that Avril is unmarried means that as Miss Anson in Manor House, she is the lowest ranking member of the family. This status limits not only how she can talk to and treat her sister, Lady Olliff-Cooper, and brother-in-law, Sir John, but her freedom to do anything. She must ask their permission to do pretty much anything.

As the house rules state, "As the unmarried Sister of the Mistress of the House your status within the household is dependant solely upon the good grace and generosity of the Master. You should endeavour at all times to be a good companion to your Sister, the Mistress, and not present any kind of burden to her Husband. No task should be too great for you to take on to ensure that the household runs as smoothly as possible and expresses your gratitude to them for providing you with a comfortable and stable home. You should scrupulously examine every aspect of your conduct to make sure that you uphold the Family name and position and do nothing to bring it into disrepute."


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