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Mythology Faith & Politics Gender & Religion
Mythology Faith & Politics Gender & Religioff
Belief Faith & Science Freedom & Tolerance
Belief Faith & Science Freedom & Tolerance

The topics addressed in BILL MOYERS ON FAITH & REASON are timeless — and complex — as often expressed in questions as in pronouncements.

Myths & Sacred Texts: Why do ancient myths resonate? From Moses to Mohammed to Buddha to Christ — are there more commonalities than contradictions?

Faith & Politics: What's the proper ratio of faith to politics — or politics to faith?

Gender & Religion: If secular society changes — should religious systems follow?

Belief & Doubt: Are faith and belief the same? Which came first the moral code or the religious system?

Faith & Science: Why do we quest for God? Will we ever know "the" answer?

Freedom & Tolerance: Does being a convinced believer require the dismissal of the faith of others? Should there be a limit to freedom of speech?

In these pages you'll find a rich selection of written, audio and visual materials from the guests on BILL MOYERS ON FAITH & REASON, Bill Moyers' archive of work, as well as voices from noted thinkers and viewers too. They'll give you plenty to talk about in addition to the series. Check back because we'll be adding special web exclusive interviews with thinkers from around the world.

Keep an Eye on the News

Matters of religion seem today to play an increasing role in the news. Recently, the Episcopal Church, the American branch of the Anglican Communion, made history and headlines — and controversy — by naming a woman, Katharine Jefferts Schori, bishop. Keep up to date with religion in the news with these comprehensive news sites. This week check out some different views on the Da Vinci debate: listenHear what renowned scholar of myth Joseph Campbell had to say about the meaning of the Holy Grail. (Read the transcript (PDF), Audio 6:41) Then find out how playwright Mary Zimmerman interprets listenDa Vinci's legacy. (Read the transcript, Audio: 18:35).

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