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Richard Rodriguez "You learn in America to speak two ways. You learn in public discourse not to be very specific about your religious life. Or, if we talk about it, we'll find a secular way of doing it that will not be offensive to people of non-belief." Respond -- Richard Rodriguez
"I do think that (9/11) was a hinge moment. And if only because it showed us that we're now inescapably involved with each other. That we can't disengage."
Respond -- Salman Rushdie
"The Bible, thank not politically correct."
Respond -- David Grossman
"And if God has made me or God has created the means to make me which involves consciousness, self-awareness, and personality, all those things, then God must have those attributes, too."
Respond -- Sir John Houghton
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Are you optimistic that religiously based conflicts will end?
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