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Benjamin R. Barber
Benjamin Barber by Robin Holland
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December 21, 2007

Benjamin R. Barber is a principal member of the Democracy Collaborative, with offices in New York, and Maryland.

In his latest book, CONSUMED: HOW MARKETS CORRUPT CHILDREN, INFANTILIZE ADULTS, AND SWALLOW CITIZENS WHOLE, Dr. Barber discusses the ways in which he believes American capitalism is undermining democracy. As he explains to Bill Moyers:

Capitalism has put democracy in trouble, because capitalism has tried to persuade us that being a private consumer is enough. That a citizen is nothing more than a consumer.

>Read an exclusive excerpt from Barber's CONSUMEDCONSUMED by Benjamin Barber

Benjamin Barber's over 17 books include the STRONG DEMOCRACY (1984) reissued in 2004 in a twentieth anniversary edition; the international best-seller JIHAD VS. MCWORLD (1995 with a Post 9/11 Edition in 2001, translated into twenty languages) and FEAR'S EMPIRE: WAR, TERRORISM AND DEMOCRACY (2003), also published in eight foreign editions. His collected American essays, A PASSION FOR DEMOCRACY, were published by Princeton University Press in 1999, and his book THE TRUTH OF POWER: INTELLECTUAL AFFAIRS IN THE CLINTON WHITE HOUSE was published in 2001 by W.W. Norton & Company.

He writes frequently for HARPER'S MAGAZINE, THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE ATLANTIC, THE NATION, LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR, DIE ZEIT, LA REPUBBLICA, EL PAIS and many other scholarly and popular publications in America and Europe. He was a founding editor and for ten years editor-in-chief of the distinguished international quarterly POLITICAL THEORY.

Guest photos by Robin Holland

Published on November 30, 2007

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References and Reading:
More on Benjamin R. Barber

Benjamin Barber's Web site
Visit Mr. Barber's Web site, featuring his latest articles, television appearances, and further information about the projects with which he is involved.

Jihad vs. McWorld
by Benjamin R. Barber, THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY, March 1992
"The planet is falling precipitantly apart AND coming reluctantly together at the very same moment."

Beyond Jihad vs. McWorld
by Benjamin R. Barber, THE NATION, January 3, 2002
"The terrorist attacks of September 11 did without a doubt change the world forever, but they failed to change the ideological viewpoint of either the left or the right in any significant way."

Overselling Capitalism
by Benjamin R. Barber, THE LA TIMES, April 4, 2007
"Consumerism needs this infantilist ethos because it favors laxity and leisure over discipline and denial, values childish impetuosity and juvenile narcissism over adult order and enlightened self-interest, and prefers consumption-directed play to spontaneous recreation."

December 13, 2007
"So, many nervous eyes have been watching how consumers would react to falling house prices and the squeeze on credit. Happily for retailers and the wider economy, and despite lower consumer confidence, Americans are spending more than ever - online, at least."

New straw to kill disease as you drink
BBC NEWS, May 4, 2006
"A new straw that purifies water as it is drunk is hoped to be part of a solution to water-borne disease killing thousands in developing countries."

Robert Reich on Supercapitalism
FORA TV, September 10, 2007
Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, discusses the clash between capitalism and democracy.

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