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BILL MOYERS JOURNAL has finished its broadcast run. However, you can view almost all episodes online through our archive and through DVD AND VHS

Where can I purchase a copy of the latest BILL MOYERS JOURNAL?

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL is available on DVD for purchase through FILMS FOR THE HUMANITIES AND SCIENCES at or 1-800-257-5126.

Please be sure to specify whether purchase is for individual or educational use, as prices vary.

You can also purchase DVDs online at


Where can I get a transcript from a BILL MOYERS JOURNAL show?

Transcripts of all broadcasts are available in the transcripts section of our Web site. Our archive also contains a full listing of BILL MOYERS JOURNAL programs by week.


Can I watch an episode of Bill Moyers Journal online via streaming video?

You can view almost all episodes online through our archive and through

Please note that Flash is required to view BILL MOYERS JOURNAL segments online.

How do I post a comment on the blog?

Posting a blog comment is simple. Scroll down to the bottom of the comments section on the entry you'd like to comment on, here you'll find a prompt to type in your name, email address, Web site (optional), and your comment. When you are finished, you can preview the post or click 'post' to join the conversation. See picture below:

Why didn't you post my blog comment?

Due to high volume on this blog, comments will often take up to 20 minutes to appear, so please refresh your browsers often.

As per our blog rules, the Blog Editorial Staff reserves the right to "to take down comments it deems to be inappropriate and/or malicious in nature, as well as edit comments for length, clarity and fairness." If you feel that your comment does not meet the above this criteria, and has not appeared after 20 minutes and refreshing your browser, please let us know at

How are Blog CAPTCHA words chosen?

THE MOYERS BLOG uses a widely utilized service called reCAPTCHA. It uses scanned words from books (and then distorts them) and the words are selected at random.

More information about reCAPTCHA is available at:


How do I subscribe to the BILL MOYERS JOURNAL weekly e-mail newsletter?

To receive information about BILL MOYERS JOURNAL, please sign up for our weekly newsletter. E-mails will be sent to you on a weekly basis with a sneak preview of what will be on the show.

How can I unsubscribe from the BILL MOYERS JOURNAL weekly e-mail newsletter?

To stop receiving the BILL MOYERS JOURNAL newsletter, please unsubscribe here.


Can I submit a story idea?

We appreciate your interest in BILL MOYERS JOURNAL. Your input helps us understand what is important to our viewers. However, at this point we must discourage you from sending us your ideas because we simply don't have the time to give them the attention they warrant.

Please note that if you send unsolicited materials in the mail we cannot return them. How can I contact the JOURNAL staff?

You can use our feedback function (email address: or send mail to:

Public Affairs Television
250 West 57th Street, Suite 718
New York, NY 10107

How can I contact a person who was interviewed or appeared on a BILL MOYERS JOURNAL segment?

If you wish to send a guest from BILL MOYERS JOURNAL a letter, you may send it to that person, care of Bill Moyers Journal, and we will be happy to forward your letter. You may send it to:

Public Affairs Television
250 West 57th Street, Suite 718
New York, NY 10107


If I'm an educator how can I find out about Bill Moyers Journal lesson plans, special educational resources, and taping rights?

Please refer to the section of our Web site for educators for information on teacher resources and lesson plans.


Is BILL MOYERS JOURNAL funded by taxpayer money?

Bill Moyers raised all the money to produce "Buying the War" and BILL MOYERS JOURNAL from the funders listed in the opening and close of the broadcasts. Neither CPB nor PBS contributed to these productions.

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