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BILL MOYERS JOURNAL will present a number lesson plans for high-school students during the series broadcast. Episodes can be taped off-the-air and used for educational purposes for up to one year from the initial broadcast. But you can also use our plans even after air date if your classroom supports streaming video, as all episodes will be streamed online.

Check out the lesson plans for

  • "Lincoln's Legend and Legacy," for our special presentation with Sam Waterston and Harold Holzer

  • "Buying the War": The Role of Journalists.

  • Lesson Plan for "Revisiting Rachel Carson"

    Purchased content is licensed solely for classroom teaching, research, educational non-commercial multimedia projects, classroom presentations, and individual presentations for use in educational institutions or public libraries.

    In the meantime be sure don't forget to use PBS TEACHERS to get information about available teaching tools for grades 9 - 12, taping rights, advance content alerts, and more. And, sign up for the BILL MOYERS JOURNAL newsletter for information about upcoming episodes, weekly podcasts and web-only content.

    Please also see our high school lesson plans related to BILL MOYERS ON FAITH & REASON and MOYERS ON AMERICA, "Capitol Crimes," "Is God Green?" at "The Net and Risk." Both series are streamed online!

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