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The ideas and beliefs that inform Americans as they step into the voting booth in November will be far broader than the sound-bites of political advertisements and pundits. We want to know what's on your mind and those of your neighbors.

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL will stay on the news cycle throughout the 2008 election. Here at MOYERS ON 2008, you can explore big ideas on our issue pages and then respond with your local insights on our interactive map.

Please Remember: This is about the issues, not candidates. Also, your posts will not appear immediately.

Economy: Yellow
Justice: Red
Foreign Affairs & Defense: Gray
Media & Politics: Blue
Government: Teal
Energy & Environment: Green
Social Issues: Orange
The American Dream: Purple
The Annenberg Public Policy Center's is a nonpartisan, nonprofit "consumer advocate" for voters. They monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews, and news releases.

Open Secrets helps citizens follow the money raised by national political candidates. They have put together a special presidential fundraising 2008 page.

NPR: Election 2008
Visit National Public Radio's election 2008 portal, offering the latest reports on candidates, audio from the recent NPR Democratic debate, and an interactive primary map.

Online NewsHour: Presidential Election Coverage
Learn more about the candidates and their positions through NewsHour interview video, the latest headlines, and post comments on the reporters' blog.

10 Questions
A virtual forum sponsored by THE NEW YORK TIMES, MSNBC, and many others, allowing for constituents and candidates to dialogue with one another, on various issues that the public decides are most important. First, voters submit questions for the candidates, and these questions are voted upon as to their level of coherence and relevance to the campaign. Now that the 10 most popular questions have been chosen, the candidates now submit individual answers, allowing citizens to see first hand the differences in position, before they cast their ballots.

YouChoose '08
The election portal within Youtube, and as with, allows voters to click a particular issue, such as "immigration" or "healthcare" and watch each of the candidates explain his/her stance. Voters can then comment on particular videos and even post their own video response.

Issue Tracker
From THE WASHINGTON POST, ISSUE TRACKER follows press coverage (print and Web) of all the major candidates, broken down by topic and chronology. Users can easily find out which candidates are getting the most press mentions, on which issues, and track trends over time.

Spartan Internet Political Performance
"The Spartan Internet Political Performance (SIPP) Index is the first quantitative metric to measure the Internet-wide performance of each Presidential candidate for the 2008 election. The Index is comprised of over 650 quantitative factors measuring the level of support and how well each candidate is connecting with individuals across the Internet. The score for each candidate represents their overall Internet market share."

Yahoo: Campaign '08
Visit Yahoo's 2008 Presidential election portal, offering candidate video and audio, latest poll data, candidate discussion groups, and other ways to learn more and participate in the upcoming election.

This independent blog focuses upon how 2008 presidential candidates are using the Web, and features, among other tools, a consistently updated ticker on its homepage that keeps a running tally of major candidates' Facebook friends, YouTube views and Myspace friends.

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