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Economy Aug 19

A ‘Rational Optimist’ on the Evolution of Prosperity

Editor’s Note: Tonight on the NewsHour, Paul Solman talks to Matt Ridley — best-selling author, zoologist and one-time bank chairman. The “rational optimist” makes the case — rare in these days of economic unease — that life on…

Economy Jun 24

Viewers Respond to ‘Chicken Chase’ Scene

Paul Solman: We received a very sobering set of viewer responses to the opening sequence of our credit crunch story from Springfield, Mo., the other night, of which a few are excerpted below. I have to confess, I was…

Economy May 11

Even in Tough Times, Realtor Offers Helping Hand

Editor's note: While reporting on the real estate crisis in Florida recently, Paul spoke with realtor Kevin Jarrett, who is about to lose his fourth home to foreclosure. What struck Paul was how even as Jarrett struggles with his own…

Economy May 03

Foreclosure Bargains Hurt By Chinese Drywall

Editor’s note: As part of Paul’s continuing reporting on the foreclosure crisis, the report below examines a factor that is turning some foreclosed houses from bargains into liabilities. At the height of the building boom, contractors in the southern United…

Economy Apr 28

Making Use of Employees’ Talents

Editor’s note: On Wednesday’s NewsHour, Paul revisits a Missouri manufacturer that in this era of “too big to fail” has proven small enough to succeed. Part of the secret to its success? Prizing employees’ innovation alongside their efficiency. In this…

Economy Apr 16

A Trip Down RAM Memory Lane

Editor’s note: On Thursday’s NewsHour, Paul Solman spoke to Dan Pink, author of a new book Drive, about what motivates behavior and innovation in the modern workplace. PAUL…

Economy Mar 19

Reimagining Nanotechnology

Editor’s note: On Friday’s NewsHour, Paul speaks to Felice Frankel and George Whitesides, authors of an extraordinary new book, No Small Matter: Science on the Nanoscale. Frankel and Whitesides bring the virtually invisible world of nanotech to life…

Economy Mar 12

Economist Andrew Lo on ‘Existential Vertigo’

Paul Solman: MIT economist Andrew Lo, who beyond guest-blogging his favorite recent economics book here on Making Sense this week, appears on Friday’s NewsHour, discussing how human frailty and bad decision-making…

Economy Feb 08

Stand-up Economist Yoram Bauman Makes Money Funny

Paul Solman: We've gotten such a great response to last week’s segment on comedy at the annual economics convention that we’d like to showcase a few more outtakes from stand-up economist Yoram Bauman’s routine. Enjoy.

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