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Anchors and Correspondents

In Memoriam

PBS NewsHour/WETA Washington, D.C. Staff List

  • Nsikan Akpan, Digital Producer, Science
  • Chris Alexander, Media Asset Manager
  • Dawn Andres, Deputy Art Director
  • Nana Adwoa Antwi-Boasiako, Production Assistant,  Media Assets
  • Lorna Baldwin, Producer, General Assignment
  • Joshua Barajas, Deputy Online Editor
  • James Blue, Senior Content and Special Projects Producer
  • Andrew Bossone, General Assignment Producer
  • Mary Jo Brooks, Producer
  • Jasmine Brown, Communications Associate
  • Daniel Bush, Digital Politics Editor
  • Debra Butler, Deputy Unit Director – Video Archives
  • Frank Carlson, Producer, Arts
  • Emily Carpeaux, Senior Coordinating Producer, News Gathering & Production
  • Jaywon Choe, Producer, General Assignment
  • Kristy Choi, Production Assistant, Student Reporting Labs
  • Joey Chou, Graphic Designer
  • Leah Clapman, Managing Editor, Education
  • Russ Clarkson, Senior Producer, Segment Production Unit
  • David Coles, Deputy Senior Producer
  • Richard Coolidge, Senior Content and Partnerships Producer
  • Daniel Cooney, Social Media Editor
  • Alexis Cox, Producer
  • Travis Daub, Director, Digital
  • Anne Davenport, Deputy Senior Producer, Tape – Segment Production Unit
  • Vanessa Dennis, Director, Product
  • Larisa Epatko, Reporter and Producer, Foreign Affairs
  • Diane Lincoln Estes, Producer
  • Elis Estrada, Student Reporting Labs Director
  • Victor Fernandez, Web Video Editor, Student Reporting Labs
  • Vanessa Ferrari, Production Controller
  • Molly Finnegan, Online Editor
  • Elizabeth Flock, Reporter and Producer, Arts
  • Chris Ford, Tape Producer
  • Gretchen Frazee, Broadcast Producer
  • Tom Fritschi, Director of Production Operations
  • Michael Fritz, Producer HQ
  • Hannah Grabenstein, Production Assistant, General Assignment
  • Julia Griffin, Producer
  • Jessica Griswold, Associate Production Manager
  • Geoffrey Guray, Production Assistant, Segment Unit
  • Toni Tyson Hamner, Production Controller
  • Michael Harry, Senior Graphic Artist / Chyron Operator
  • Michelle Harven, Specialist, Content & Promos
  • Erica Hendry, Digital News Editor
  • Ryan Holmes, Production Assistant, Segment Unit
  • Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich, Student Reporting Labs Associate Producer
  • Murrey Jacobson, National Affairs Editor
  • LaTasha Jones, Manager, Media Assets
  • Sara Just, Executive Producer
  • Jason Kane, Producer
  • Pamela Kirkland, Producer, Politics
  • Katie Kleinman, Senior Developer
  • John Kopetsky, Executive Assistant
  • Stephanie Kotuby, Senior Editorial Producer
  • Sam Lane, Producer General Assignment
  • Jenny Marder, Digital Managing Editor
  • Nick Massella, Director of Audience Engagement and Communications
  • Meredith Lee, Reporter Producer, Segment Unit
  • Matt Loffman, Producer, Politics
  • Michael Melia, Senior Broadcast Producer
  • Annette Miller, Vice President – HQ
  • Mark Moynihan, Production Manager
  • Leah Nagy, Reporter/Producer, Segment Unit
  • Rhana Natour, Reporter/Producer, National Affairs
  • Courtney Norris, Production Assistant, National Affairs
  • Abbey Oldham, Production Assistant, Graphics and Research
  • Olubunmi Mia Olufemi, Associate Producer, Local Projects
  • Patti Parson, Managing Producer
  • Vicky Pasquantonio, Education Editor
  • Julie Percha, Producer, Politics
  • Dennis Predovic, Narrator
  • Clay Raine, Marketing and Communication Production Assistant
  • Michael Rancilio, Senior Vice President and General Manager
  • Michael Rios, Production Assistant, Segment Unit
  • Kamaria Roberts, Production Assistant, Online
  • Peggy Robinson, Senior Producer,  Special Projects
  • Stephan Rohde, Senior Developer
  • Jamaal Rolle, Coordinator, Media Ingest
  • Daniel Sagalyn, Deputy Foreign Affairs and Defense Editor
  • Laura Santhanam, Data Producer
  • Adam Sarraf, Creative Director, Graphics
  • Merrill Schwerin, Producer
  • Mark Scialla, Reporter/Producer, National Affairs and Education
  • Sarah Seale, Assistant to the General Manager
  • Justin Scuiletti, Digital Video Producer
  • Maura Shannon, Manager, Marketing
  • Branden Smith, Director, Business Development
  • Patrick Smith, Associate Producer, Archives
  • Calvin Solomon, Art Director
  • Matt Speiser, Vice President, Operations
  • Lora Strum, Audience Engagement Specialist
  • Beth Summers, Senior Producer, Politics
  • Bill Swift, Student Reporting Labs STEM Coordinating Producer
  • Alison Thoet, Anchor Assistant
  • Morgan Till, Senior Foreign Affairs Producer
  • P.J. Tobia, Producer, Foreign Affairs
  • Zachary Treu, Associate Production Manager, Production Operations
  • Jordan Vesey, Producer, Student Reporting Labs
  • Rachel Wellford, Reporter/Producer, Politics
  • Dan Werner
  • Jasmine Wright, Reporter Producer, Segment Unit
  • Daniel Yang, Assignment Editor
  • Jessica Yarvin, Production Assistant, Segment Unit
  • Harry Zahn, Segment Unit Production Assistant

PBS NewsHour Weekend/WNET Staff List

  • Kathryn Baker, Booking Producer
  • Christopher Booker, Producer
  • Scott Davis, Executive Producer
  • Lisa Overton, Art Director
  • Saskia de Melker, Producer
  • Ivette Feliciano, Segment Producer
  • Stacy Feuereisen, Line Producer
  • Laura Fong, Associate Producer
  • Jerry Godfrey, Production Manager
  • Zachary Green, Segment Producer
  • Connie Kargbo, Associate Producer
  • Kamala Kelkar, Weekend Editor
  • David Kreger, Editorial Producer
  • Michael Kylis, Researcher
  • Michael Regan, Associate Multimedia Producer
  • Tom Ritzenthaler, Associate Producer
  • Mori Rothman, Field Producer
  • Melanie Saltzman, Associate Producer
  • Corinne Segal, Multimedia Editor
  • Jason Steneck, Editorial Producer
  • Stanford Tecun, Production Assistant
  • Megan Thompson, Producer
  • Torran Wakefield-Thompson, Production Coordinator
  • Sam Weber, Producer
  • Judith Starr Wolff, Editorial Producer


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