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Economy Jun 04

Graduates Face Tough, but Improving, Job Market

As 2010 college graduates begin to enter a tight, but improving, job market, the PBS NewsHour talked to university career services directors from around the country to see whether this year's graduates face brighter prospects than in years past.

Science May 26

Watch Animation of the Oil Leak Top Kill Technique

Deepwater Horizon Unified Command has released this animation of the top kill technique that BP will begin Wednesday. You can watch a live feed of the top kill technique here. BP released the following statement Wednesday about…

Economy May 07

Analysts See Signs of Recovery in Jobs Report

The U.S. economy added 290,000 jobs in April, a welcome sign that an economic recovery may be taking root. But the unemployment rate also rose to 9.9 percent. Four economists and market watchers make sense of the latest jobs report.

Economy Apr 22

Obama: Reforms Would Put an End to Taxpayer Bailouts

_pap_embed_custom('news01s3e9cqe7c',482,304,""); President Obama traveled to New York City Thursday to deliver a speech outlining his goals for financial reform. As legislation rewriting the rules of Wall Street works its way through the Senate, Mr. Obama had tough words for the…

Economy Apr 16

Paul Solman Takes a Trip Down RAM Memory Lane

On Thursday’s NewsHour, Paul Solman spoke to Dan Pink, author of a new book “Drive,” about what motivates behavior and innovation in the modern workplace. PAUL SOLMAN: Executive pay and Wall Street bonuses,… might not enhance,…

Economy Mar 16

Geithner Profile: ‘A Creature of Washington’

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is on the Hill before a House committee Tuesday to testify about the budget and economy. Geithner will also be making the media rounds to plug Sen. Dodd’s financial reform bill that was unveiled…

Economy Mar 09

Pentagon Weighs In on Consumer Protections

The Pentagon has thrown its hat into the ring over a new consumer protection agency. Politico reports Tuesday that military leaders want a consumer watchdog to oversee auto dealers and prevent them from making predatory sales to servicemembers. The…

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